Thursday, August 4, 2011

island state of mind

i love summer. yes, the florida heat can be brutal, but this is the time of year my schedule allows for more travel. the amazing new england trip would have sufficed, but i am NOT complaining with a key west AND tampa getaway. last week simon and i went down to the conch republic for a little extra work AND of course play. it is nearly impossible to go without some fun when you are living island life. having friends who live down allowing us to stay is a HUGE bonus! without fail every time i go i muster up the thought of living on that island with my man and our dogs (who LOVE kw!). the slow paced/ride your bike mentality is right up my alley.

next weekend is my bff's 26th bday. the lover and i are joining her and [her] mister in tampa. busch gardens anyone? yes please. outdoor theme park drinking, screaming, laughing,blissful [fun]. uber stoked to say the least.

1 comment:

  1. who wouldnt love KW?!?!?! <3
    ...could definitely see you living there!

    i cant wait to spend my birthday with you!!! im going to lose it on those coasters!