Tuesday, August 16, 2011

beautiful mess

as i sit here drinking a glass (of what is arguably the most tasty red wine ever) and listen to ben harper (with an amazingly unique voice) cover the beatles, i can't help but think about how fortunate i am. really. i have this amazing bond with the man i hold so close to my heart it's scary, and not to mention he is an INCREDIBLE chef! after helping him with the prep work i sit at my unfinished oak (3rd generation) kitchen table while he continues to work his magic to create a remarkable meal which i have the pleasure of enjoying in approximately 18 minutes. i mean seriously... when did this happen??? how was i able to go from stressing out every day about going home to a situation i wanted out of but felt [stuck] in, to being swept off my feet and at the snap of a finger become head over heals in love?!?!? total euphoric life change. yes, we have our days and things can be tough, but together i know we can (and will) accomplish SO MUCH! we have the capability of achieving great life long dreams at our fingertips. i know sometimes i can be a bit of a mess, but he GETS me and it's a beautiful thing. finding someone who understands how you feel and would do nothing less than EVERYTHING for you. alright, enough of the mushy ranting, time to finish this glass of wine and enjoy a fabulous meal prepared by mi amor.

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