Sunday, August 28, 2011

i woke up this morning to a lovely cup of coffee. such a good feeling... not to mention the smell of coffee brewing is pretty wonderful. we got lucky down here in florida this weekend by dodging hurricane irene. the early stages of this cane looked as if it were coming straight at us but somehow we managed to slip by with high wind and amazing waves. i was not able to test the waters and show my skills ;) simply because i was working, but the boyfriend got out there a few times! on thursday waves were up to 10 ft. which is particularly large for us... the waves were forming smoothly and consistently(surfers dream). long time locals were teling us they have been waiting five years for waves like this. i was only able to watch from shore for a few min. before tending to some hairs but what i saw was incredible.

in the end it skipped right by us and ended up near the northeast where my sister is. she evacuated to new jersey and is currently without power. the storm has already passed through they are just waiting for the electricity to return.

i stumbled upon this video this morning and thought i would share. lovethisman.
the boy and i are celebrating 1 year and 9 months today. we have had our ups and downs (as any couple would) but i wouldn't trade what we share for the world. so cheers (clinking coffee mugs) to many many more months of love and support. <3 it's a beautiful thing.

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