Sunday, August 7, 2011

just do it.

i am very well aware with the fact that my lack of funds is a direct result of my choices...however, somehow i am at peace. believe me i know the importance in saving... you never know WHAT is going to happen or when you will need "savings". the reason i am so content with the situation is simply this... i live my life each and every day. if an opportunity presents itself and i feel i have enough to get me through (i.e. pay my bills) AND take it... i will. example: next weekend the bf and i are heading to tampa for a night to meet the bff and her bf. (hehe) yes, extra money will be spent, but it is a special occasion and i have off work. it is the little things in life (random or not) that make you who you are. i appreciate each and every day and know that i need to be saving for the future. for the most part we live frugally and i am certain one day my "calling" will find me and able me to live the life i imagine...(crossing my fingers) but in the mean time is it so wrong to to take these opps.? maybe i am being naive...i just don't see the point in regretting a happy lifestyle? i feel life has a funny way of working itself out and lining up the stars just right. one closes and another opens...and so on and so forth.

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  1. im shit at saving money, & with a banking bf i hear it all the time how i need to save save save for my future. would you believe he cant fathom that i dont have a retirement fund!? ...retirement!?!? i can't plan that far ahead... i'm the same, live in the moment!