Wednesday, August 10, 2011

fresh start

fall semester starts next week and i am actually excited. lately i have dreaded each semester and couldn't WAIT for the end. as i am sure this feeling will not last too long i must hold on to every bit of this eager spirit. i have decided to start fresh with all new supplies (notebooks, pens, pencils, calculator, etc.). since next week also starts the public schools new year this weekend is tax free! everything school related (even clothes) has no tax for one weekend only. who DOESN'T like back to school shopping?!?! it is something i always looked forward to each year when i was younger, why not now?

i have been trying to tell myself that i am ONLY 25 and should get through school while i am still 'young', but it is a little discouraging when i do not know a single soul in any class and just about every student is younger than i. this feeling is silly (i know) and this opportunity should be taken to meet new people and FOCUS on the task at hand, my degree. this semester i vow to do just that and being with a positive attitude while concentrating on making good grades and possibly meeting new friends.
so cheers, to a new semester full of new possibilities!


  1. did you write the optimism quote... ? totally looks like your handwriting!!

  2. i did not, but definitely posted it for that very reason! haha