Monday, July 18, 2011

new england bliss

the previously mentioned trip flew by as if 17 days were less than a week. words cannot express how magical it truly was. we enjoyed many delicious meals (some cooked by us, some his dad, some in restaurants) over drinks and laughs. just being up in the north country is so refreshing. it really is a completely different i would not mind having, for the summer anyway. the weather was perfect, 70's and 80's during the day and high 40's - 60's at night. <---- how incredible! we went zip lining! a bit nerve wrecking but a healthy rush. :) we roadtripped to portland, maine with simon's brother and his gf... extremely rad town. totally dug the vibes going on in portland, everyone was friendly and super welcoming. so much wonderful music danced through my head as we enjoyed good company and amazing weather. i feel so lucky to have had such a euphoric experience. hopefully many more trips up to new england are in the script for my future. enough rambling, a few photos MAY help these words do our trip a little more justice...

needless to say, i can't wait for next time.

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