Monday, August 16, 2010

"Nothing can bring you peace but yourself."

so i have given some recent thought to peace and why it is so important to me...

peace should be the main root to be planted in everyone s life. it is the result of the solution of inner conflicts, on a global scale. global peace in fact can't be achieved without the efforts of all human beings, determined to direct their lives toward more than personal goals.
the promotion of human rights is also at the basis of the achievement of peace; the awareness of the potential and value of life is the first thing to get, in order to respect the other ones. individuals all over the world should take responsibility for their lives and contribute to building a world where people of different cultures and faiths can live in peace. SHOULD being the key word here. human spirit should be transformed and trained into a culture of non-violence. the inner change, the human revolution is the key to stimulate contributive action and compassion of people within their communities, families and friends. that 's the way we could build peace, and though it may be a long shot, the unity of intentions, spirit and the common respect of everyone 's life, may be the simple answer to universal harmony.
just sayin.

and for some reason blogger is messing up my fonts today. ew.

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