Sunday, August 29, 2010


hola mi amigas,

it is necessary to inform you jack was epic. so amazing. jack sang and played his guitar and ukulele while i danced and twirled around the grass with a giant smile on my face. he is by far the most romantic man i have ever heard of/seen anywhere. not to mention, the most astonishing encore, EVER. i seriously cried when he sang angel. ugh, melt my heart.
g. love was also on his game that thursday evening, and i must say, s.r. gets the bf of the week award. i knew something was odd
when he didn't return from the restroom for at least 45 min. when he finally came back to the show, poster rolled in hand, he blurted "sorry it took me so long i was hanging out with g. love." no lie. the pristine souvenir read "to jessica, love g. love." :):):):):):):) & a few <3
in other news, we threw a going away party at our house last night for brendal. she will most definitely be missed by many. it was a great success. many friends attended throughout the night. we had plenty of yummy snacks, drinks flowing like the nile, music in our
r ears both outside and in, corn hole, and last but certainly not least beer pong. :) aloha brendal.

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  1. simon is so sweet! i love that :) i am sure you will be framing!

    i wish i could have been twirling around with you down there for jack, i bet it was absolutely incredible.

    love you jess.