Friday, August 6, 2010

i dream you dream

we all dream for an ice dream?

speaking of ice dream... i have given up meat again which means ONLY ice dreams and waffle fries for me at cfa! i must admit that no cfa was one of my most difficult challenges last time i went sans meat.

as i sit here at the kitchen table, daydreaming about the future, i picture myself accomplished and established enough to travel the world. that is my ultimate aspiration. i wish to backpack through paris just to take some rad photographs then journey to new zealand for some diving and then roam to italy && eat the most scrumptious meal ever imagined... and so on and so forth.
ahhh, that will be the day.

on that note, the life i am currently leading is not going to get me there. i am going to have to make some serious commitments to change. i need to work A LOT, and SAVE SAVE SAVE while i am in school. the day i am able to say i completed my degree is the day i can hopefully begin putting some of this knowledge to good use.

i have said before i would do anything to be a successful photographer but for now i will just continue to take pictures for my own pleasure. LOTS of pictures. who knows, maybe some day someone important will see them and say THESE PHOTOS ARE WORTH A LOT OF MONEY. :)


  1. My ultimate aspiration is to travel to, id spend my whole money on travelling, tickets, exotic food and experiences. omg im daydreaming! i need to get a job first!:)