Sunday, July 15, 2012

east coast lovin'

we made it! the love and i spent a good bit of two weeks on the road but we have arrived in new hampshire! from south fl--->jville--->south carolina--->asheville, nc--->pennsylvania--->nyc--->saratoga springs, ny--->new hampshire!
we have had SO MUCH FUN every step of the way.
stopping in jville was lovely and over due. i miss my family every day and am glad we were able to spend a little time with them.
killing two birds with one stop, i was able to hang with my sista from another mista! so many days go by that i wish her and i could live in the same town and hang on a daily basis. everytime i see her is just a breathe of fresh air... ahhhh someone DOES get me. :)
i received the most awesome birthday gift from her while stopping through. a modern polaroid camera with my very own smash book! i cannot wait to fill said book with beautiful photographs and lasting memories.
asheville NC was our next big stop where we did some hiking, swimming in waterfalls, camping (hendersonville was the actual town we did this in), live music listening, dancing, and visiting with my cousin who i love dearly. the last morning in town we shared the most remarkable breakfast at a place next to my cousin's house called homegrown. everything was home made and local.

with no time to spare, we headed to the big apple. good times had by all. more laughter, dancing and much needed one on one time with my childhood bff. she took me to coney island for the first time & although i didn't get 'Big'  after having my fortune read by Zoltar it was an awesome experience. we visited the NY aquarium and got matching (airbrush) bff mermaid tattoos. i had the pleasure of meeting my sister's new beau (pronounced BO!) and enjoying some good old NY pizza! YUMMO!
then it was off to Saratoga Springs for some camping and live music!
the fun definitely didn't stop there. these past few weeks have been outrageously entertaining and much needed. since in nh we managed to enjoy lovely meals with friends and family, swim in rivers and lakes, play some volley ball, get a massage, see an in theater play ( 9-5 ), and briefly visit st. johnsbury vermont. the activities are never ending.  today we are joining friends at the volley ball court for a few games and then swimming in the river followed by a meeting at another's casa for a dinner party. sunday funday here we come...

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  1. ZOLTAR!!? How am i just now hearing about this!?! although, i must admit i'm pretty glad you didnt turn into tom hanks, it's likely that i wouldnt "get you" quite so much anymore.

    i hope youre using your cam! i want to see that book filled girllllll.

    LOVE YOU LOTS! amazing pics!!

    XOXOXOXO love your biggest blog fan