Monday, June 25, 2012

summer road trip

this summer, my beau and i are taking a road trip up the east coast. obviously, starting in south florida and working our way up to northern new hampshire and even maine. along the way we are going to  see friends, family, wildlife, beautiful scenery, stay in hotels, camp, hike and experience many other extremely exciting things. we are looking to kick start the whole trip this week. our first stop we will see my family and (hopefully) best friend for a night. not too sure where the second stop will be, but that is the beauty in it all. we do plan on stopping in NY (where sister and dana live) for a few nights and eventually new hampshire. we take this trip every summer but this is our first time driving. our main goal is to leave the tacoma up in nh, where it is looking more and more as if we will call it home for a few years. that being said, we are flying back to fl.
i am becoming really excited and a tad nervous for our adventures. many good vibes would be appreciated but i think we are set to have a great time! 

 i plan on updating and posting while we are away, but you know how that goes sometimes.

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