Monday, September 3, 2012

labor day love

today was fantastic. the love and i spent the entire day together, just the two of us. we started the day with a dog walk (okay i lied our beautiful ladies were with us for most of it) in which ideas were created in our minds.
we ventured to the beach to enjoy a beautiful day in the sun. after settling in with our mexican rasta blanket and a couple of drinks, we enjoyed a lovely game of paddle ball. this is by far the best way to get some sun and exercise! the sun gods were in our favor today as it was just breezy enough and amazingly bright! the ocean was a bit murky but that definitely did not stop jt and sr from entering. nothing beats swimming in the ocean on a hot summer day.
after deciding we were a little hungry we packed up and headed home. followed by another lovely dog walk and some more beverages, after all it IS labor day and we are both off! we have only used the cornhole set i bought him a few times since xmas and thus decided to break it out. a few games later and we are ready for dinner. my chef is making us homemade calzones as i type allowing me to brush up and improve on my hooping skills!   such a simple day with so many smiles.

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