Sunday, September 25, 2011

sunday funday

hello fellow bloggers. today has been an rainy yet surprisingly eventful sunday. after sleeping in, i had a few cups of delightful

cuban coffee to start. it's nice not to have one place i NEED to be and abling me to just linger in my jammies while i lounge and

enjoy the cafe. i went to a girlfriends house soon after to help her paint her office room a nice shade of poolside grey. we

enjoyed a rather delicious(half price) sushi lunch and quickly got back to listening to music and taking out our week on the

walls of said room. i ran a few errands as well as some laundry and cleaning. riveting, i know.

on another note, i was given a new cd today. :) i LOVE discovering new music. angus and julia stone are a wonderful sibling

duet from australia have such a lovely way of flowing through the ears. this is one of my favorite songs so far...

i know everyone has staple items in their home. mine are definitely more important than i realized. when i am out of a couple of

them i start to crave the vitamins they contain. for example, i ran out of bananas and was craving the potassium they provide,

same thing happens when avocados are sparse. these are a few of my staple items: bananas, avocado, almond milk, greek

yogurt, coffee, cheddar cheese (or any all natural cheese), and of course sugar.

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  1. that avocado pic looks srsly inviting -

    i love the rain, its been raining here too lately... but, i havent been nearly as productive as you!!