Wednesday, November 2, 2011

hello november

the month i long for all year long came and went ever so quickly! so many wonderful happenings to share about october. i visited home for the first time since CHRISTMAS (which is now right around the corner) and was able to hang with my parents a while and see the bro. i miss them. for the past 3 years i have been un able to attend the family thanksgiving dinner but have been lucky enough to have my amazing man make a remarkable meal. this year we have decided to tone it down a bit and have a small nonstressful dinner for two. :)
october also brought HALLOWEEN which means costumes and parties! caitlin held her best ever halloween bash titled hocus pocus. the mister and i were in attendance as mrs. mia wallace and mr. vincent vega (uma thurman and john travolta in pulp fiction). we spend the next 24 hours in recovery only to prepare ourselves to host "night of the living fed." the dinner party we held at our townhome on halloween. we had a good turn out and an amazing pot luck style dinner! i am so grateful for our amazing friends and all the people in my life!

i must say...

i also CARVED A PUMPKIN this year! all it said was "welcome" but hey, it counts!

i can't wait for november and then DECEMBER and SNOWBOARDING! ugh, this MIGHT be my fav. time of year! sorry summer, you just got pushed aside.

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