Wednesday, September 14, 2011

"fall" in love

so we are half way through september and i couldn't be more ecstatic! fall is so thrilling for me. although i am in florida and the weather doesn't turn AS cold as i would like as QUICKLY as i would like, it still brings many things to smile about. fall means, halloween and ALL THINGS PUMPKIN, thanksgiving and family, pretty leaves and changing winds. i look forward to the time of year where scarves, boots, jeans, and HOODIES are acceptable. i crave fall. having night classes brings me back to the days i spent in tallahassee when fall semester meant BUNDLING up and drinking spiced pumpkin ;) latte's! also, i met a certain mister two falls ago. tell me THAT isn't something to celebrate! last year i slacked on the pumpkin carving...this year i have so many ideas my head is bursting with joy. oooooh yes, fall, you are so enchantingly filled with crisp air, PERFECT cuddling weather and endless camping opportunities.


  1. i missed out on pumpkin carving last year too!!
    bought too and never even sliced them...
    definitely gettin involved this year as well :)

    is it me, or is 2011 flyin in!?

  2. dude, 2011 went/is going by so fast!