Wednesday, May 18, 2011

ohh happy hump day

today was a lovely wed.
after unwillingly giving up snuggle time to start the day,
i had a wonderful cup of coffee at my fav. little local bagel shop
"bagels wit a schmear",
and headed to school.
once class ended i headed to west palm to hang with mi amiga and her
kiddos for a while. it was a lovely evening as we sat by the pool while
josiah ( her 2 year old son) took swimming lessons.

so adorable. i love catching up with her.
now that i am home i have taken the perros for a nice walk just in time
for the beau. to arrive home from ft. lauderdale.
such a nice way to spend the end of the day,
at home with him enjoying a nice meal.
although i am unsure of what is on the menu tonight,
i am looking forward to his
amazing end product. never lets me down.

currently i sit here dreaming of the summer days i will spend in the clear and glassy waters of the atlantic.
i long for a salty swim on a hot & sunny day...

1 comment:

  1. those barrel pics are amazing!

    sounds like a perfect wednesday to me too!