Tuesday, May 24, 2011

birds alligators and manatees, oh my

i had such an amazing day on sunday. the bf, and i (accompanied by 3 wonderful friends) went kayaking on the lost river in stuart, fl. this really needs to happen more often. something about being in a tiny boat sitting on top of nature as you paddle through a river under beautiful trees is so therapeutic. not to mention the good company who made me smile and laugh the entire time. hopefully this will be a common occurrence form now on.


  1. do you guys own kayaks? i would loooove to join in for a little kayaking adventure... good exercise, giggling, sun, nature... fun, fun, fun!!

    love you xoxo

    ps- you look gorgeous in that pic right there!

  2. no, we rent them! :) i would LOVE LOVE for you to join as well! i love giggling with you especially in the sun.