Tuesday, May 3, 2011

love and light

i "stumbled upon" this website and i love love love! i read it every morning now and say to myself, how can i better my best today? read and you will find out why i love these simple steps to a healthy happy day.

in other news:
here is an update to my bedroom i have been working on.

still not finished, although it may take a while, i am keeping an eye out for the perfect treasures to keep me happy, organized and bohemian. :) still missing something that i can't quite put my finger on.
i am looking for some solid colored shams (green or peach) but other than that, i am open for new thoughts, looks, and suggestions.

this morning i took my second final. i am a little upset with the outcome (for reasons beyond my control) but it will do i suppose. i am just ready to be done with this state college so i can move up and on. so many ideas and dreams for the future...

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  1. Wow that bedding is awesome! I love the 50 Life Secrets too :)