Friday, November 5, 2010

is the juice worth the squeeze?

there comes a time (quite a few times actually) where you may find yourself asking is it worth it? is what i am doing now worth the stress, pressure, experience or whatever else you may be encountering. right now i am at one of those crossroads. i don't think it is worth it. i am working a job, which i started two years ago, and have loved every second of it until recently. now, i am only working friday and saturday(the busiest days) because i am in school the rest of the week. i am hardly making enough money to pay my bills and get by. i hate that feeling. yes, it is amazing that i have the chance to work just two days a week so that my school schedule isn't jeopardized, but i think something needs to happen. one of two things, a.) i look for another job in another salon that would possibly work with my schedule b.) work somewhere else that will def. fit my agenda and pay a decent amount. it is sad that i feel this way. i am totally passionate about the company i work for and everything it stands for. but the bottom line is, i can't live like this any more.

so i find myself asking, is the juice worth the squeeze?

1 comment:

  1. cant we just have dream jobs & do things we love & let the universe settle the rest???

    you're an awesome stylist, if you haven't recently, talk to your boss about how you are feeling... maybe she will realize working with your schedule means keeping you working for her!! You're a gem - a hard worker with a great personality.... hard to find!

    go with your heart like you always do jess <3 love you xoxo