Monday, November 29, 2010

Florida Panthers vs. Boston Bruins

hockey is a game i never paid much attention too. for whatever reason i grew up watching just about every other sport known to man except hockey. a part of it was probably the fact they fight (and if you know me at all you know i hate fights).
however, i have recently found a new 'love' for the sport.
my first experience was(to say the least) incredibly entertaining, fast moving, intense, and uber exciting!
first of all, the players care about the game more than any other sport i have ever witnessed.
fact: in basketball, members of the nba were asked to play in the olympics they simply laughed at the mere thought. (they wouldnt be getting paid, duh).
also fact: hockey players JUMP at the 'opportunity' to represent their country doing the one thing they love most. i think that says a lot in itself. also, instead of doing a celebration dance when they score, they look to find the closest member of the team so they can all hug and celebrate the point together. yes, they fight and that is never a good thing, but at least they do it on the ice with their hands instead of talking a bunch of trash & blurting out every weapon they own & how much money they have (thug life? i think not.).
everything about the game was so much fun. i went with good people and our seats were AMAZING!! we were second row from the ice, so SICK!
&&& the Bruins won!!!! <3

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