Wednesday, November 17, 2010

feeling cheery

I am standing in the Kitchen cooking dinner & listening to Norah Jones. Suddenly I am in the mood to decorate. I just dawned on me that I have a 4ft. tall tree that I have yet to set up this year. I hope it is still in tact, I will have to jump in the shed tomorrow and hope for the best. Usually I would have sprung to the occasion at the immediate end of Halloween. Time has just passed by so quickly this year I don't know where it has gone. I love the holidays. <3 Nothing like a little Norah and Joni to get you in the spirit... colder weather would also help. ;P The excitement I have now upon remembering that I have a tree to decorate is outrageous. Can't wait.

This year I am staying in good ole Delray for Thanksgiving. The love and I are making our own semi-traditional meal. I am sure the day will be filled with football, love and food! I LOVE that he is a cook and can make any simple meal THAT much more amazing!! I am beyond myself when I think about it.

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  1. Yayyyy Christmas decor! Last night I saw a man stringing his Xmas lights on his house in the middle of the night, the only light coming from the lit bulbs... That's dedication.

    So jealous that u have a chef for a man & a tree to decorate! I love your sunflower peace treetopper so perfect for u my little sunflower <3