Wednesday, July 7, 2010

today is a day just like any other...

Feeling a little down today. I made some decisions with work that are causing my life to become a little disorganized. The reasoning behind it all is quickly falling through...

All I want to do is travel and see the places I have never been & experience things I have only imagined. I know this sounds childish but my life has come to a point where I figure, why not? As long as I can figure out how to get by and be happy that is all that matters, right?

On a lighter note, my dog is the light in my life. She knows what I am feeling and she is more loving than anything I could ever ask for. Plus, she keeps all of my deepest secrets. ;)


  1. my life is so disorganized too!! can we just float on in the clouds for a couple of days, drink some wine & figure out amazing life plans for the both of us??

    i love you jess, you are incredible. & so is precious!

  2. Hah, i think we are soulmates!:)
    I love travelling and i need to travel to feel complete. And my dog is the light of my life too!
    And i definitely lack some organisational skills...