Monday, July 5, 2010

eron electric eel visits delray

Hello Friends,

I feel lucky for having such a great topic to start my blog with! This past weekend was the day o' independence and my best friend Erin came to visit. It was an action packed weekend. Upon her arrival we went out for drinks at Two Georges, a rad bar on the water in Boynton. We decided the night was young and we felt like bowling. It was an awfully fun night. We even managed to help heighten the night of an underage employee named Brian. I have no idea what time we left, but I do know the bowling alley was open until 4 am.
The actual fourth of July started off on the slow side as you could imagine. As we slowly but surely got ourselves together we ventured to la playa. An overcast morning turned into a rainy evening. No worries my friends, the people of Delray like to get wet. Vendors were set up along A1A and bands played proudly. We gathered and danced under a cover near the bar at Bostons where they had a stage set up for red white and blues. It was fun while it lasted but paying $4 a beer quickly became old. We hitched a ride home with a rather patriotic cab driver where we showered and ate jewish hot dogs and mac & cheese. A very tasty meal I might add. Of course, we watched an amazing firework display at the beach, in the rain. Parking was a pain in the ass, but Simon came through and figured out a quick fix to our jam.
Posted up in the rain in watching fireworks with my love and good friend, not too shabby. :)
The weekend was a super success and loads of excitement.
Erin just left which makes me a bit blue, but I get to forever adore the FABULOUS painting she so thoughtfully made me for my 24th birthday.

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  1. thank you for having me!! You are a great friend & i love being a part of your world <3 i cant wait to read more of your blog jt$ ....& i'm so glad you like your original art by me! :)