Monday, July 19, 2010

life is a lesson waiting to be learned.

Hello fellow bloggers,

so much has happened since i last logged in. a lot of soul searching and evaluating.
that said, i discovered a few things...
1. i need to venture outside more on a day to day basis
2. i HAVE to find a job that fits my schedule ASAP
3. i love the town i live in but there is SO much more out there to see
4. i am head over heels in love with my boyfriend
5. school needs to become my number one priority, yesterday
6. being unhappy with myself/body is only going to make matters worse, i need to stop being so lazy and self loathing and start movin
7. there are some really great advantages of being 4'10"
8. the mountains are therapeutic
9. something about carrying a backpack filled with everything needed to survive just feels good

... i could ramble on all day about the things in life i have discovered but i will end here.

side note, i am so excited about the dave matthews/govt. mule concert on the 30th! supposedly ,and this could be completely invalid, this is dave's last year touring. i am not so sure if i believe this or not, but if the rumors prove to be true, i don't want to be sorry i missed this opportunity. his music makes me wonder, smile, cry, laugh, and puts me at ease...
he is an artist i could listen to just about every day.

today has proven to be a relaxing day thus far. when i woke up simon and i watched dexter season 4 episode 11, before even stepping foot out of bed. it was pretty amazing. episode 12 is the last one, ever. i am half tempted to pu
t off watching it just so it isn't over in my mind. pathetic or passionate?

i rode my lovely black and hot pink beach cruiser to the beach and enjoyed a fabulous hour in the sun reading The House on Mango Street. ahhh, talk about stress relief. however, the ride home was slightly disturbing. the bridge that takes us over the intracoastal, almost daily, is going to be closed for construction from july 20th until december 13th. inconvenient? yes.

let's put away the past and let the future set us free...

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  1. love that pic of you & simon!
    great post.... & seriously, the last episode EVER??? really!?