Tuesday, March 20, 2012

there's too much green to feel blue

this past weekend was so glorious. my best friend and her awesome fiance came to south florida for a MUCH NEEDED st. patty's day visit! so much fun was had by all. they arrived late friday & we did not waste a minute. shortly after their arrival we skipped over to the surf cafe where my loving boyfriend was soon to be off work. but before he ended his shift he brought out some delicious snacks including mini burgers and french fries. we kicked back a few drinks and before we knew it we were off to our next destination of the night, dada. i had been wanting to take erin to this adorable restaurant which is set up in an old house and decorative with dada art. they are known for their mojitos (so needless to say we ordered one). next thing we knew it was 2 am and we were being asked to leave because the place was closing. i guess the saying time flies when you're drinking rum held true that night. ;)
enough about that, now on to st. patty's day! after our late night adventures the gang was a little slow moving & a few may or may not have been a little on the grumpy side. i made breakfast sammies for all to enjoy and we headed downtown for some parade madness. we happened to get the luck o' the irish when it came to parking for many other cars had been circling for (who knows how long) ever and we got a spot right away. this year we were in the parade on the delivery dude float, which happened to have a band on it (pulled my viejo verde aka simon's truck). if you ask me, we had the best float out, but "that's just like my opinion, man." so we drank, walked, danced, sang, laughed, accumulated green beads, & held our hands over our hearts as kendra (the singer of the band) sang the national anthem. the aftermath consisted of more drinking and setting up the float and band only to hear them play a few songs. food was had and cait and varno drove down! it was awesome to have the three of us together on this day o' fun once again. it was long awaited but well worth it.

all in all i would call it a pretty successful sea of green.

sunday morning was surprisingly productive as erin helped me figure out the best way to use the space we have in our bedroom. this is something i have been working on for over a year and i FINALLY love spending time in said room. i couldn't be more grateful to have such a talented best friend. <3 as we organized, dusted, and re arranged, we worked up a serious appetite. the four of us rode downtown only to find out the place we had our hearts set on for breakfast was closing. we reluctantly stumbled into dolce amore. lucky us, it was an adorable restaurant just a few doors down with killer food & much needed cappuccino's. the service was poor but the food and good company made up for it.

so sad to see erin and jake go, but thankfully we have an event coming up that happens to fall on cinco de simon. <3

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  1. Much needed weekend that did not disappoint!! The only bad thing was leaving, seriously we had such a great time! i'm SO happy we came friday night & still got to hang on Sunday. Love you so much, cant wait to do it all over again!!