Thursday, June 16, 2011


despite the fact my attendance was required in class yesterday morning i had the most amazing birthday. the day was spent with a good friend from key west, walking around downtown west palm beach enjoying good company and delicious food. it was sunny, hot and breezy & i wouldn't expect anything less from june 15th.
every year this day makes me so aware and thankful of all of my wonderful friends and family. i received the most thoughtful gifts i just can't stop admiring.

our dinner at the bamboo fire cafe was heavenly. i ordered the balsa, which is a white fish and the chef (beverly a jamaican women who owns the place with her husband) prepared it roasted in banana leaves topped with peppers, onion, and sweet potato. i am kicking myself today for not taking photos of said meal it was a beautiful site to see.
it gets even better. the hockey team i have adopted as my own and have been completely loyal to WON THE STANLEY CUP!!!! duffys, a sports bar down the road, has become a familiar spot for the ole guy and i. we have enjoyed getting to know the bartenders and cheering for the bruins.
fabulous day turned into a riveting evening.

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  1. is that a bicycle basket?? i love the beaded jewelry... sooo pretty! sounds like you had a pretty special b-day doll.

    we're cute, with our adopted NHL teams via sweet boyfriends.... i'm happy your team won the cup! it was fun to watch.

    i love you!