Thursday, June 16, 2011

goals for twenty five

i decided although not too many exciting changes come with the age 25 (able to rent a car), i am going to set a few small but important personal goals. while exploring the interweb i stumbled upon a few new sites for healthy happier lives and that is exactly what i want. in effort to improve my life i came up with this list:

1. extend dog walks. - not only will i enjoy outside and strolling the hood, but the fidos will appreciate the extra breather.

2. GO TO THE GYM. - told myself it wouldn't like this, but i am paying for a membership and neglecting the action of doing. this is the one thing i should be spending my extra time and money on. continue yoga. - i recently ordered a yoga video i love. i am going to keep it up and if nothing else use it to "let go of the day".

3. eat more veggies. - my fruit and veggie intake is rather high, but it never hurts to up it that much more.

4. limit one cup of coffee in the morning. - instead of guzzling the 3 o'clock cup i am going to make a conscious effort to take a short walk or eat a handful of nuts for more energy.
5. read more. - even it is just an article, a blog entry, or small book. i love to read and i don't do enough of it for pleasure.

small, simple, and most important doable.

1 comment:

  1. still have the email with the yoga link you sent me.
    i. need. to. order.

    25 is a beautiful year, it's been a big one for me- filled with ups & downs & major life changes. i hope yours is beautiful.

    i think your list of goals is wonderful. its inspired me to start thinking of mine for (EEEP!) 26!

    i love you jess. xoxoxoxo.