Sunday, March 6, 2011

vacay fever

ok ok, i am not gonna lie, i have the fever. i am so jealous of everyone going on vacay. i took a friend to the airport today so she could fly to PARIS and then amsterdam! one could only wish. those of you who have read my previous blogs ( a million of you, i'm sure! ) know that i have been dreaming of snowboarding since last feb. upon the return of my last adventure.
this is all just inspiration to save money and do something great this summer. i will admit, last summer kicked some serious ass, it is going to be hard to follow, but i'm sure the bf and i can scrounge some amazing endeavors. maybe somewhere tropical? maybe the northeast? or MAYBE right around the corner in good ole NOLA to munch on some notoriously delicious grub? who knows... but i can assure i will prevail and fun will be had these months to come in the world of jt $.

side note: we (simon) bought an awesome new toy yesterday that i am instantly obsessed with. he bought our friends nikon d3000. eee! i can't stop playing with it. a clutch tool for our next amazing emprise. eeeee!

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