Tuesday, March 15, 2011

road to success

Do you ever become so frustrated with the "real world" that you start to explore your "other options"? what does any of this mean anyway? the REAL WORLD? most people would consider the period of time after graduating college and beginning a new career to be the real world. well then what the hell do you consider juggling your "career" with school? sometimes i feel so uptight and like i have no time( OR money for that matter) to do anything extra with my time. all i EVER want out of life is that EXTRA time. where do i sign up for the jobs that allow you to travel to exotic places and see the world? i have a client who travels for her job quite often. she is going to europe for three weeks just to have two meetings. i can dream can't i?
i know i am rambling but i am up to my neck in school work this week and this entry is allowing for a small portion of my procrastination. :)
i have soo much school left, but hey, it will be worth it in the end, right??
until then i will continue to dream of said exotic places and adventure driven careers.

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