Thursday, January 13, 2011

beauty is as beauty does

as i sit here pondering about the past few months i ask myself, why so negative? for one reason or another i have become more and more negative. i am not a neg. person by any means, until lately. it was pointed out to me by my one and only and at first i resented him for saying that, and THAT in itself proves he is right. i haven't been the happy go lucky girl i know i once was. i have taken some recent time to really cogitate why i have been to pessimistic , and although i can think of a series of events that triggered this behavior, i am ready to turn it around. no more negativity. ok, i admit, i am not going to be PERFECT, but why not be optimistic about every situation brought to my plate? what goes around comes around, right? i have been noticeably happier and more pleasant since i have come to terms with the "situation" and done something about it.
i had a conversation today with a dear friend, ehem caitlin, and we talked about how we both NOTICE we have been more negative and not easy to talk too. we also both agreed that since we have re-evaluated the past few months, our smiles are back. instead of the constant serious look on my face, i have realized that positive attitude and thoughts bring a smile to my face. :) of course, if you think negative, you look negative.
i am so thankful for so many things and am making it a point to "turn that frown upside down."

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