Sunday, June 9, 2013

after yet another hiatus from the blog world, this girl has returned. my 27th year is fast approaching leaving me with usual thoughts of life changing improvements. In the past, as you may have noticed, i make goals for the year to come. 
to be perfectly honest, these lists have remained pretty unsuccessful. i am currently in the car riding shotgun on the way  home from my parents house in jax. 
the boy and i are leaving behind a wonderful vacation filled with love and adventure. our first destination was for my best friends wedding. this could not have been more perfect. ejd looked nothing short of stunning. the weekend was magical. i reunited with some old friends and made new. our second stop was a wedding  in the dominican republic.  
One could say it has been an  epic ten days. 
as i think about what i want for myself this year i think of two things, happiness and healthiness. 
that's it.  
whatever it takes. 
so this year my goal is just that. 
to be happy and healthy.

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