Thursday, December 22, 2011

recent purchase

day 4
recent purchase.

re-supplied today.

here are just a few of the many benefits of fish oil:
1. eases depression
2. lowers cholesterol
3. lowers triglyceride levels
4. reduces inflammation
5. eliminates joint pain
6. improves your skin!
7. promotes weight loss
8. increases focus
9. reduce the risk of heart disease
10. stabilizes moods
(& bous can even help the development in a puppies brain, vision and trainability!)

so open wide and help yourself.


  1. is it for you? im totally confused about the bonus of developing a puppies brain.

    i didnt know Fish Oil had so many benefits, interesting!

  2. yes, it is for me! it is just ALSO super beneficial for pups! this stuff is amazing, nothing bad comes from it. :)