Monday, December 13, 2010

follow your heart

So i purchased a space heater today. last winter, you could have easily mistaken our beautiful south florida home for a log cabin in the mid west. yes, the mid west. this year, however, we are so fortunate as to come across a store still stocked with space heaters. apparently south florida doesn't believe in central heating so year after year every wal mart/target/home depot etc. runs out mid november. this year will be cozy.
simon and i watched the season finale of dexter tonight. to tell you the truth (( & i am pretty sure most dextians would say the same)) the end has become pretty anti-climactic. just didn't do it for me. HOPEFULLY good ole michael c. hall is going to up for a round 6, because i am going to need it to end on a higher note. something a little more suspenseful with a greater sense of power, if you will.

now i must go enjoy a lovely meal my one and only has prepared. i truly feel spoiled by the amazing food he creates. i was woken up today with a cup of coffee of the most perfect temperature (cooled off a little but NOT COLD) and eggs benedict on a sesame bagel. damnilovemyman.


  1. jealous of that breakfast!! & im behind on DEX! is that julia styles? goshh.... is that her name, from 10 things i hate about you & save the last dance??

  2. it IS julia styles! you missed the whole season?!?! you HAVE to watch!!!